A look, a gesture… everything is magic

November 4th 2023

Everything is magic: a conversation, a look, all your gestures, nutrition, love, a stroll outside – everything. Many people are horrified by the mere mention of the word magic. They do not realize that they are constantly practising magic. Whether they know it or not, all they do is magic. In fact, it would be true to say that magic is the only science and that it encompasses all others: alchemy, astrology and the Cabbalah are simply branches of the science of magic. Yes, everything is magic. For example, when you look at someone in a certain way or kiss them, you unleash formidable magical forces, and very often you play with these forces without realizing that you could set everything ablaze with them. It is as though you amused yourself by tossing lighted matches in all directions – and everything goes up in flames! So it is that many people who hate to hear any mention of magic spend most of their time playing the sorcerer’s apprentice.*

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