Divine laws

And the laws of nature

November 5th 2023

Suppose you have eaten too much. No law of society will condemn you, no police officer will come and arrest you, but you will be ill in bed. What kind of justice strikes you down and puts you to bed? The laws of nature are not those of human beings. Human beings will come to visit you at your bedside and sympathize with you: ‘Poor dear, we’re sorry you’re ill!’ Yes, but they will not be able to do anything for you. Only nature can help. Obey its laws once again, and you will be cured. You must learn which laws are the laws of nature, the divine laws to which your mind, your heart and your physical body are subject. Remember that everything you say and do means an expenditure of energy, and you must see where your energies go and take care that they do not cause any damage.*

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