Remain loyal to their master while revering other masters

April 14th 2012
In the invisible world spiritual Masters form a great brotherhood, and they all work as one. Each one is happy for you to love and admire other Masters, jealousy being totally foreign to them. Remaining loyal to one’s Master does not mean refusing to meet other Masters to learn from them. But even if disciples commune with the spirit of other great beings, they remain linked to their own Master, guarding his presence within, like a burning light. There have also been great beings who have not left the slightest trace on earth. Away from the noise and the gaze of others, they have done enormous mental work in realms where humans have no access. We owe them a great deal, for it is due to this work, pursued patiently in silence and in secret, that humanity continues to progress. We should admire such beings and give them a place of honour.