Seeking it is a form of the quest for god

November 14th 2023

Some people are happy when they have time to reflect; others are happy when they can be carefree and amuse themselves. Some need a family life; others prefer solitude and celibacy. Some need to help, succour and care for their neighbour, while others need to persecute and destroy them, and so on. This quest for happiness, which varies with each individual depending on their own particular temperament, is always a form of the quest for God; a quest that may show a lack of wisdom or of light perhaps, but which is still a quest for God. Yes, because hidden behind this notion of happiness is God. It is He who gave humans this aspiration for happiness, so that they might eventually find Him. And even if in the meantime they seek Him in ways that lead through chimneys, sewers, swamps or graveyards, in the long run, after a multitude of experiences, they will understand that they have to seek Him in the highest regions, in the form of purity and light. And there, at last, they will truly find Him.*

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