Correct those that are negative

November 15th 2023

Every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions, whether good or bad, is recorded within you. It is impossible not to make a few negative, defective recordings from time to time, but at least be conscious and careful, and as soon as you realize that you have recorded something negative, react at once and try to correct the situation. Suppose you have thought unkindly about someone, said hurtful words, or wrecked something; be aware of what you have done and put it right. At present, you will often not be able to do much, but at least do what you can. Some people do nothing, absolutely nothing, to make amends for a negative thought or action; they are not even aware of what they have done. Whereas others are conscious of what they do and want to mend their ways. Anyone can make mistakes, but we should at least realize when we have done so and work day and night to put things right instead of doing nothing.*

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