Do not choose the easy way out

November 16th 2023

Someone who believes they can shirk their obligations and responsibilities in order to enjoy a more pleasant life does not know the strict laws that govern destiny. A woman thinks, ‘My husband is so boring; I’m going to find someone else, someone more entertaining and attractive.’ So she finds that someone then leaves her first husband, who obviously suffers as a consequence. Before long, though, she may be the one to suffer even more with this second husband. It is not absolutely forbidden to leave one’s husband or wife, but you must not do so before you have resolved the first problem. Something that seems easy is in reality very difficult, and vice versa. If you choose the path of greatest difficulty, the Lord will send His angels to help you, but if you choose the easy way out, you will still have angels to accompany you, but of another kind: avenging angels.*

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