Through it, we make contact with the four elements

November 18th 2023

To light a candle is not the simple, insignificant act it seems, for in doing so you are making contact with the four elements. The candle, which is solid, represents earth. When you light it you have fire. Little by little, the candle melts and a tiny pool of liquid forms in the hollow, and you have ‘water’. As for air, it is always there, for it is indispensable to fire. Without air the flame would go out; even if you cannot see it, its presence is revealed by the flickering motion of the flame. So, when you light a candle, you should be aware that you are in the presence of the four fundamental elements of creation, and that you can work with them by linking yourself to the four great angels that govern them: the Angel of Fire, the Angel of Air, the Angel of Water and the Angel of Earth.*

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