Plants and stones

They have a form of sensitivity

November 19th 2023

Through their experiments with special instruments, researchers have discovered a form of sensitivity in plants that makes them react to the presence of different people depending on whether they are helpful or harmful. If someone who has harmed them comes near them, they show signs of fear. This means that they also have a form of memory. Plants are sensitive, and in their own way so are stones. If you appreciate them and touch them lovingly, they are capable of responding and revealing certain things to you, for love is a universal language that the whole of creation, all creatures, can understand. Touch a stone with love and it will immediately vibrate differently. It can even respond with love but, of course, you have to be extremely sensitive to perceive this and decipher its language. But who wants to learn the language of stones, plants or animals? Human beings have learned to read and write in every language in the world and that is very good, but the only language that is really worth knowing is the language of living nature.*

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