It allows us to attain perfection

November 21st 2023

When God created man, He gave him all the possibilities he needed to attain perfection. These possibilities are on the level of thought, and this is why people must get into the habit of putting their mental faculties to work every day by practising concentration, meditation and prayer. We have all the powers we need within us but we do not know this, for nobody has ever told us. So we spend our time looking for them elsewhere, on the outside; but the only means we shall find on the outside are those that can help us to work with matter. When it comes to transforming ourselves inwardly, to working on our soul and spirit and uniting ourselves to God, the means we need can be found only inside us, in the realm of thought. This is why the disciples of an initiatic school try to study and explore the nature of man so as to awaken all the possibilities placed in them by the Creator.*

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