Bank, a

Exists only because of exchanges, as do human beings

April 15th 2012
A human being can be compared to a bank. And what is a bank’s function? It is in receipt of capital, which it puts to work. A bank thrives, because it is able to make exchanges with a great many customers. For these exchanges to take place, there has to be a collectivity with which a relationship exists. A bank that no longer had exchanges would soon go bankrupt. In the same way, humans who refuse to have links with the collectivity deprive themselves of the possibility of making exchanges and therefore of making ‘capital’, and they gradually lose everything, even their own riches. If initiates are rich, it is because they make spiritual exchanges with the whole world, knowing that all human beings possess inner riches they must discover and develop. Such exchanges bring them endless new ideas, new feelings, new sensations – all means at their disposal for carrying out their task.