Imagine that you are as transparent as a crystal

December 3rd 2023

Everything we do, both on the physical and psychic planes, continuously exposes us to impurities. When we eat, drink and breathe, but also when we look or listen, when we associate with certain people or linger in a certain atmosphere, we absorb impure particles and currents that weigh us down and obscure our inner light. For the good of your physical body, you should therefore try to make sure that what you eat and drink is good for your health, and that the air you breathe is clean. For the good of your psychic bodies, you must entertain only thoughts and feelings that are pure. But there are also some exercises you can do. For instance, several times a day you can imagine that you are as transparent as a crystal. When I say ‘imagine’ I mean that you must really identify with a crystal, with its transparency, until you begin to feel celestial currents flowing through you, just as light flows through a prism and is refracted into seven colours.*

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