Use it to spiritualize and illuminate your whole being

December 10th 2023

There are more and more knowledgeable, cultured people in the world today, and the sum of knowledge is continually growing in every field. This begs the question as to why, despite all this progress, humanity itself is not improving. On the contrary – the number of delinquents, criminals and mentally ill is even growing. The answer is in fact quite simple: in spite of their learning, educated people’s lives continue to be just as chaotic, corrupt and senseless as the lives of the ignorant. More so in fact because their education gives them an even greater scope. The knowledge they acquire remains purely intellectual, theoretical; they never try to integrate it into themselves, to make it penetrate all their cells and become part of their flesh and blood. The only knowledge that human beings truly lack is the ability to use their knowledge to transform themselves, to spiritualize and illuminate their whole being. Yes, there are too many well-informed people in the world and not enough who are ready to work at their own improvement.*

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