Find it without tasting all of life’s pleasures

December 11th 2023

Most people when you tell them what they should do to find inner balance, harmony, peace and light, are not against it, but they think that they should first ‘experience life for themselves’ by tasting all the pleasures and all the dangers it has to offer. Poor wretches! How can they believe that having wasted all their physical and psychic energies in this way they will be in a fit state to do any real inner work? The only thing they will still be able to do will be to read a few books from which they will then quote, ‘Moses said... Buddha said... Jesus said…’ And it will obviously be impossible for them to put any of these great Masters’ precepts into practice. Well, my advice to you is to do just the opposite: live your lives according to the teaching of the great Masters and stick to quotations for the rest. You can learn all you need to know about human passions by reading the world’s literature; it is not necessary to indulge in all kinds of costly experiments. Yes, for there is one kind of life that it is better to live and another kind about which you only need to make a few quotations!*

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