Think of light as you breathe in and project it as you breathe out

December 13th 2023

Breathing means not only to take in and expel air, but also to take in and expel light. You must practise this: as you breathe in think that you are drawing in light, and as you breathe out think that you are projecting that light into yourself, into all your cells and all your organs. Then breathe in and breathe out again, and yet again. You will soon see the benefits of this exercise as you begin to feel relaxed and peaceful. Once you have drawn light into yourself, that you have breathed it in, you can imagine that you are breathing it out to the whole world. Of course, you cannot do this until you have practised the first form of the exercise for a long time and replaced a great many of the sombre, sickly particles of your being with particles of light. You must wait until you sense that your work of transformation and purification has been successful before you can start giving others the light you have received. This work with light is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Aleph א. Aleph is the initiate who receives celestial light, divine life so as to give it to human beings.*

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