Subjective world

It represents life and the spirit

December 14th 2023

Human beings are told that they must always be objective; that subjectivity is a dangerous tendency that they should try to get rid of because only what is objective is scientific and real. This only shows that people have never understood the meaning of these two words ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’. The objective world is composed of material elements that can be examined, measured and weighed, because being material, they are always the same and can be observed in the same way by everybody. The subjective world on the other hand represents life, the emotions, consciousness and the spirit. Nobody wants to study the subjective world because it is variable. They say that no two people can have the same perception of it and therefore that it cannot be grasped, measured or classified. Well, this is a mistake, for if the subjective world is perpetually changing, it is because it is alive, and this means that when you are in touch with it, you are in touch with life.*

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