We are responsible for our thoughts and feelings

December 15th 2023

When children break something that belongs to their neighbour or steal their apples, the neighbour comes and complains to the parents, and claims damages from them. And if the parents refuse to pay, they are taken to court. Well, exactly the same process takes place within us. If we allow ourselves to emit negative thoughts and feelings, they are like naughty children who rampage through the invisible world breaking things and doing all kinds of damage. You will say that you cannot be held responsible for your thoughts and feelings because they cannot be controlled. Well, think again. You are responsible for your thoughts and feelings just as you are responsible for your acts. Nowhere is it written in Initiatic Science that people must be excused for not controlling their thoughts and feelings. On the contrary, for your thoughts and feelings are living, active entities and you have the power to educate them. Human law judges you according to your acts, that is true; but in initiatic teaching, you must learn that divine law judges you also on your thoughts and feelings.*

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