Criticizing others

It makes you poorer

December 17th 2023

Many people think that it is a sign of superiority to criticize others and point out their failings; it shows that they are lucid and perceptive. That may well be true, but what they do not know is that their habit of criticizing others and pointing out their faults and failings makes them poorer themselves. When you constantly dwell on people’s dishonesty or stupidity, it is as though you were feeding on filth, and something within you begins to degenerate. If you want to know why Initiates* are so rich, let me tell you that it is because they pay attention only to what is most beautiful in human beings: their soul and their spirit. They want to give people’s souls and spirits a chance to manifest themselves. This is the key to the wealth of the Initiates. Even though they are aware of the errors and crimes of human beings, they continue to focus on what is best in them. In this way, they help them and enrich themselves as well.

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