Inner life

Developing it is like lighting a fire

December 21st 2023

When you want to light the fire in a fireplace, first you prepare some paper, then some dry twigs, and last of all some bigger pieces of wood. You strike a match and set fire to the paper; the paper communicates the fire to the twigs and the twigs to the logs. This demonstrates a scientific process that also operates in our inner life. The burning match corresponds to the causal plane, the world of the spirit in which all phenomena take their origin; the match sets light to the paper (the mental plane); the paper communicates the flame to the twigs (the astral plane), which in turn set fire to the logs (the physical plane).* Everything starts on high in the spiritual world, and moves down from one body to the next until it reaches the physical plane. It is important to understand that no true realization is possible on the physical plane unless you begin your work on the spiritual plane.*

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