Love expands it and wisdom illuminates it

December 22nd 2023

Love expands consciousness and wisdom illuminates it. A picture that appears on the screen of your consciousness may be large but blurred, or clearly defined but very small. This is because in the first case, you failed to work with wisdom; and in the second case, you failed to work with love. Wisdom and love must both be put to work so that your consciousness may be both vast and enlightened. If so many people have such a narrow field of consciousness, it is because they are not interested in anyone else, they do not love anyone. Their consciousness never extends more than an inch or two from their skull. They repeat, ‘Me, me, me.’ On the contrary, the consciousness of those who love expands, it reaches out to meet and revolve around others; it stays close to them, and touches and embraces them. Look at people filled with love – they are never still, they are constantly turning to others and taking an interest in their affairs (to the point of sometimes making a nuisance of themselves!) But a person’s consciousness can expand and still not be enlightened: the images of love are blurred; they do not give you a clear indication of what you should do. This is why love is not enough; it needs to be accompanied by wisdom.*

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