Mind, the

Why the spiritual world eludes its investigations

April 18th 2012
In order for the mind to make observations, it has to immobilize whatever it is studying and sometimes even kill it to dissect it. If science often abandons the study of what is alive to concentrate only on what is frozen and dead, it is because what is alive moves and constantly changes, and the mind cannot grasp it. So it is not at all surprising that the spiritual world and the divine world, which are perpetually in motion and animated by vibrations of the greatest intensity, should elude scientific investigation. To be precise and ‘scientific’, scientists have concentrated their observations on physical matter, without realizing that in doing so they have restricted both themselves and all those who would be influenced by them and follow their example. Well, their example is disastrous, because it encourages people to focus only on the most material and superficial aspect of things, instead of being interested in all that is subtle, alive and vibrant, that is, in the world of the spirit.