They must all be brotherly and help one another

December 24th 2023

Each one of you must follow the rites of your own religion as much as you wish. We have no desire to impose our convictions on anyone; we want you all to be free to act in harmony with your consciousness and your understanding. In the Brotherhood, we spend the great religious feast days such as Christmas and Easter as simply as all the other days of the year: we pray, meditate and sing together. And even though we may give special thought to the birth, the death or the resurrection of Christ, we have no special ceremony. Catholics and Protestants, Hindus and Muslims do not all hold the same beliefs or practise the same rites, but is that a reason for them to fight each other? No. It is contrary to wisdom to poison other people’s lives just because you follow the teachings of one particular religious founder. Instead of continually stirring up unrest and strife, people should be brotherly, and embrace and help each other. In doing so, they will show that they are followers of true religion.*

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