Forming a spiritual body in order to be born a second time

December 25th 2023

The task of disciples is to build within themselves the spiritual body that will enable them to be born a second time. They already possess the idea: the kingdom of God and His righteousness, perfection, celestial harmony. All they need to do now is to gather the materials to construct the building. Actually, once the idea is there, the materials will come by themselves. When you have an idea, a blueprint, and you expose it, it draws all the necessary elements from the cosmos, which come and arrange themselves according to the overall design. Your own work is to keep the plan firmly fixed in your heart and soul. This is how your spiritual body – the body of glory, the body of Christ – gradually takes shape within you. What is known as the second birth is the formation of this luminous body, which enables human beings to live and act on the spiritual plane.*

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