Read about the life and work of the initiates and the great masters

December 27th 2023

You say that among the people you see around you, there are no examples of morality and spiritual elevation for you to follow. Are you sure of that? Well, even if you are right, let me tell you that it is not absolutely necessary to meet living examples on the physical plane; books can also be useful. Yes, there are plenty of books that tell of the life and work of the sages, saints, Initiates and great Masters of the past. Read them to learn what kind of people they were and what they did, and then compare this to what you are and what you have accomplished. I will even go so far as to say that it is not enough to compare yourself to human beings, however exalted. You must also compare yourself to the stars, to the immensity of the universe, to God Himself. This is the best way to become conscious of how small and inadequate we are, not in order to be overwhelmed, but in order to awaken within us the impulse to leap forward and surmount every obstacle.*

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