The quest for the summit is the most important undertaking

December 31st 2023

In certain traditions, the universe is represented as a mountain whose summit is God’s inaccessible, inviolate dwelling place. The Greek gods dwelt on the top of Mount Olympus; Moses spoke to God on Mount Sinai, and so forth. Initiates have always used the symbol of the peak or summit, even in countries where there were no real mountains. The quest for the summit is the most important, most meaningful endeavour a human being can undertake. It means that we know that the powers and virtues bestowed on us by the Creator can lead us to heights far beyond any earthly achievements. In the Cabbalah, the Sephirotic Tree of Life* can be seen as a mountain whose summit is the sephirah Kether: omnipotence, omniscience and divine love. To reach this summit, great qualities of tenacity, willpower, stability, intelligence and daring are needed, and above all an irresistible yearning for the light and purity represented by all the other sephiroth.*

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