System, philosophical

Choosing the one that allows us to stay in balance

April 21st 2012
Finding inner equilibrium is hard, but holding onto it is even more difficult, since daily life is constantly presenting us with new difficulties to confront. Whether the difficulties are personal or collective, we all feel shocked by them, jolted and pulled about; we feel shaken, upset and disorientated. Whatever we do to resist and stay in balance, we are unable to succeed so long as we have no proper philosophical system. A good philosophical system starts by showing people what they are, what material they have to work with and what tools they have at their disposal for this work. It shows them the path they have to travel to reach the summit, the divine goal. This must be their aim, for only there will they be free and find shelter. Yes, because in order to be safe they have to keep their sights on this divine summit, stay connected to it, so that when human passions – theirs and other people’s – start to surge, they won’t be swept away. If they feel crushed, bewildered, broken even, it is their own fault for remaining too low down. They have been shown a path leading to the only place where they can find safety; they have been given ladders, so why do they not climb up?