Is not an excuse for anything we might say

April 25th 2012
As we all know, speech is a double-edged sword. It can bring enlightenment, help and freedom, but it can also result in enslavement, wounding and murder. So often people will demolish someone with reproaches and recriminations and then appear very pleased with themselves and justify their words by saying, ‘I said it for their own good. It’s what they needed to hear. I was only being honest.’ In fact they just need to express their irritation and discontent, and they use ‘for their own good’ and ‘being honest’ as an excuse. Why is it only when they are gripped by anger that certain people become so-called ‘honest’? They need to take a look at themselves! They can give all the good reasons they like, but so long as people’s motives are not really disinterested and spiritual, what they say will never have a positive effect on others.