Damnation, eternal

False belief

April 30th 2012
Why, for centuries, has the Church relentlessly frightened Christians by threatening them with eternal damnation? This is a false belief. The reality is that there is no eternal damnation for humans. All that can happen – and even this is very rare – is that when a person revels in evil and intentionally continues to work against God’s plans and against the light, they become so loaded down and so dark that finally their human soul separates from their divine soul. The divine soul, in the form of a spark, leaves them and returns to the ocean of original light, and then, deprived of this spark, the human soul disintegrates and disappears. These cases, I repeat, occur very rarely. Whatever sins and transgressions are committed, the human soul is always given the possibility of recognizing its faults and purifying itself, thanks to the divine soul, which is linked to it and seeks to take it towards the light.