Exist for every illness, so long as you know human beings well

May 3rd 2012
There are remedies for every kind of illness, so long as you really know what a human being is – their structure, the energies that move through them and their relationship to the universe according to esoteric science, which has studied this matter for thousands of years. Too many so-called specialists, while claiming to care for human beings and to be able to free them of their ills, continue to have a mechanistic view of them. They are far from suspecting that within a human being there are still unknown forces, entities and intelligences which, under certain conditions, can produce elements in the body that were not there before. Beyond the physical body, a human being possesses other bodies of a subtle nature (the etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies), and all those people who are unaware of this have little notion of the mind, heart or will, let alone of the soul and spirit. So, how can they ever imagine they can cure people? It is impossible. And that is because they go about it the wrong way, because they do not want to know what a human being really is.