Keys to the spiritual life

May 6th 2012
Colours are the result of the refraction of light through a prism. And so, if you wish to have an idea of what true colours are like, take a prism and place it so that it catches the sunlight. Colours have an effect on the brain and, via the brain, on the whole of the body. So, you can choose a colour and concentrate on it. Try to visualize it, then imagine you are immersing yourself in it, that it is filling your body. From red to violet and violet to red, you can act on all the centres and all parts of the body, so that there is not a single organ the seven rays do not reach. If you get into the habit of concentrating on the purest colours, of filling yourself with these colours, one day you will sense you are entering cosmic harmony, that you are reaching the heavenly hierarchies, each one of which will give you its virtues. Exercises with colours and their corresponding virtues are a key to the spiritual life.