Resulting from a loss of contact with universal life

May 10th 2012
Most people value life, yet many feel as if they were jettisoned to earth, into an environment they find alien, even hostile! Why? Because they have lost true contact with nature. More and more people live in towns, and technological progress (although undeniably a very good thing) cuts them off from nature. I’ll give you just one example. How much of the starry sky do they see at night in towns, when the roads and shops are so lit up? And so, gradually, they no longer feel the friendliness, the benevolence, of everything around them – not just the stars, but the sun, stones, plants and animals… Even when they are safely at home, they are worried, anxious. Even in their sleep they feel threatened. This impression is subjective, because there is nothing really threatening them, but something has disintegrated inside and they no longer feel protected. So they need to restore an inner connection with universal life, so that they can understand its language and work in harmony with it.