A pause in the headlong march of time

January 5th 2011
So many men and women escape into the future because they cannot bear their present! But they gain nothing from doing so, for some day or other they will just have to face facts: since the future they imagined has no solid basis, what they will discover is emptiness and dread. Why not begin by living well today, when there are so many things to taste, see, appreciate and consider! But in order to live in the present moment they must learn to stop, to pause and no longer allow themselves to be carried along by the tide of events and the inner states that these create. Of course, life is just one continual flow, but you have to find the way to stop so as to bring in a little order and attune to more harmonious rhythms. This is where meditation is so essential. To meditate is to slow down the headlong march of time so as to introduce an inner rhythm, peace and light which will leave their imprint for a long time to come.