Hand kissing

The reason for this custom

May 19th 2012
Have you noticed how often delicate, pretty, perfumed hands give off something lascivious, something repulsive? Whereas, other hands, which are misshapen and uncared for, seem filled with everything good the person nurtures in their heart and mind, to the point where these hands you would like to shake, even kiss. The custom still survives today of kissing the right hand of great church dignitaries – bishops, cardinals, popes. People think this is a mark of respect. It is, but this mark of respect is based on a knowledge of the hand’s powers. Those who have dedicated themselves to the spiritual life are considered channels for heaven’s blessings. I know, you will say that many are concerned with quite different things, but that is not the point here. The point is to understand that the hands of people who have worked for a long time with love and wisdom are actually in touch with beneficial cosmic powers.