Process at the end of which a human being merges with their complementary part

May 20th 2012
Human beings are so obsessed with their external appearance as a man or a woman that they forget that, above, on the divine plane, they possess both the male and the female principle. But they have to understand that ‘above’ is not light years away. It exists in them, too, as their higher part. Initiation is a psychic process, at the end of which a person is able to merge with the complementary part of their being. Consequently they no longer feel they lack anything or ever feel alone anymore. Carnal bonds do not make a man or woman feel less lonely, as any number of people can tell you! They have accumulated encounters and experiences, but inside they are still alone, in the wilderness. Yes, because there are certain things they need to encounter first within themselves, on the psychic or spiritual plane. You will only find below what you have already achieved above.