To the smallest things in everyday life

May 21st 2012
Like most people, you tend to feel that others do not give you enough attention. But are you yourself not neglectful? Do you pay attention to each person, to each thing? Even when you are planting or watering a plant, give it your attention. You will say that, as far as the plant is concerned, whether you pay it any attention or not makes no difference, since it does not feel anything. Well, that is precisely where you are mistaken… And also, it is not so much for the plant but for yourself that you should act in that way, for you will gain a virtue, a quality. If you do something attentively, respectfully and lovingly, your gesture is reflected back to you. Apply yourself for years to all these little things, and one day you will feel the benefit. Stop looking elsewhere and a long way off for what is close at hand. You will never find the solution to your problems outside of the activities of everyday life, and if you neglect them, adversity will be your teacher until you understand this truth.