Stresses of life

You can only resist them by rising up the ladder of beings

May 22nd 2012
At first glance, what is fine, delicate and subtle would seem unable to resist the stresses of life. But look at what happens in the different kingdoms of nature. On the face of it, stones are the most resistant, but actually plants can defend themselves better than stones, for they are alive, and animals better than plants, because they can move. As for humans, they have even more means of escaping difficult conditions, but as they have not learned how to use their mind to work on refining and purifying their own substance, they are always at the mercy of circumstances and of the forces and entities of the invisible world. High up on the ladder of beings, you will find creatures that have made their body so pure and are so intensely alive that they have become elusive: they cannot be caught or limited. And beyond all of them is the Lord, who is absolutely elusive, so much so that we cannot even conceive of him.