Like it, some beings send their light and warmth throughout space

May 28th 2012
As you gaze at the sun and meditate on it, be aware that it has been bringing light and warmth to the earth and its inhabitants for millions of years. And it does so without needing to know who delights in its rays and is grateful to receive them and who is still asleep in the cellar. It is not hurt or furious that humans are not even aware they owe it their life; it continues to shine and give them its blessings. Like the sun, there are beings who send their light and their love out into space, and they too are unconcerned as to whether creatures benefit from it. They feel happy, fulfilled; their whole joy is in distributing their riches to the entire universe. They have understood that the greatest happiness is the happiness the sun feels and experiences in being able to shine and give light and warmth.