Life and youthfulness

To preserve them, put the spirit first

May 31st 2012
Even if we cannot rejoice at the idea of dying or of seeing those we love die, we should learn to view death as a benefactor: it allows beings the freedom to go and live in a higher place, far away. Initiates, who know Cosmic Intelligence’s plans, accept the reality of the two principles of life and death, and they strive to work with the life principle, which purifies and brings beauty and light. The life principle is of a more mental and spiritual order, and those who strive to feed it with right thoughts and generous feelings can delay the action of the death principle. Of course, even if we do this work we will never escape old age and death – there is no point deluding ourselves. But if we learn to give supremacy to the spirit, it will help to keep us active inwardly and bring us flexibility and joy. The secret of life and youthfulness, true youthfulness, is never to halt our progress up to the top of the spiritual mountains.