Of which the sun is the sole image

June 4th 2012
In the history of humanity there has been no lack of exceptional people who have been an example to others on account of their integrity, goodness, courage or wisdom. But perfection is another matter. Perfection in humans ideally implies the development of the three factors of mind, heart and will, and this is very rare. You meet people who are remarkably intelligent and educated but with no love for others, or others who are full of love but have no willpower, and so on and so forth. Life continually presents us with people who are quite remarkable in certain areas but wholly lacking in others. And so, if you want an image of perfection, you have to turn to the sun. With its light the sun demonstrates its omniscience; its warmth tells us of its inexhaustible love, and the life it brings into the universe is evidence of its omnipotence.