Essential for the tree; corresponding in the human being to the solar plexus

June 5th 2012
When you look at a tree, do you think about its roots? And yet its trunk, branches, flowers and fruit are simply different expressions of the roots manifesting through shapes, colours, scents and tastes. The roots themselves are black and twisted, but what arises out of them is colourful and harmonious, and if they were to disappear there would be nothing left – no trunk, no branches, no flowers and no fruit. From now on, when you look at a tree, spare a thought for its roots and for the intelligence and the power capable of providing such splendour. As they remain in the dark, they are never mentioned. But damage them, and that is the end of the tree. Whereas if the roots remain healthy, the tree stays alive even if the branches are dead – a matter worth pondering. In us, the roots correspond to the solar plexus – everything we express originates from the solar plexus.