House, the

That we are must be kept clean every day

June 7th 2012
The physical world is made in such a way that nothing can exist without gathering some dust or dirt over time. Even the most beautiful house will gradually be invaded by dust and cobwebs if we neglect to clean it regularly. The same goes for the house that we are, too: firstly, there is our physical body, which needs to be cleaned and washed, so that dust and cobwebs of all kinds do not hinder the work of the higher entities coming to bring us life from the divine world. But concern for the upkeep of our physical body is not enough. Each day we must also care for other dwellings – our astral and mental bodies – which means purifying our thoughts and feelings, getting rid of every element of selfishness, aggression and so on that they contain, so that we may resonate in harmony with the heavenly regions.