The respective functions of man and woman in this act determine their behaviour

June 8th 2012
Women’s behaviour, attitude and character is related to their fitness for motherhood, and even if they do not have children the majority spontaneously show maternal qualities – devotion, compassion, concern for those weaker than themselves and for all living creatures. How long does it take a man to father a child? A few moments, and then he may not give it another thought; he may forget he has created a child or not even be aware of it! But how could a woman be unaware or forget she is carrying a child? And when it is born, how could she not take care of such a weak and fragile being? Whereas, often, the father is already elsewhere… Whether we like it or not, the role of man and woman in the basic act of procreation has an influence on their temperament and on the way they behave in life.