Helping others

Not by criticizing them but by focusing on the divine principle within them

June 10th 2012
Even in those who seem the most insignificant, there are qualities and virtues waiting to be expressed. And so, rather than concerning himself with his disciples’ failings, a Master seeks to bring out all of their divine potential. This is how I work with you and how you too must work – by nurturing sacred thoughts for one another. By doing so, you stop focusing on details that are not so wonderful and concentrate instead on the divine Principle in people. That way, you are doing good work on yourself, and you are also helping others. Whereas when you are concerned with their failings, you harm yourself first, because it is like eating filth, and you also stop others from progressing. So many people think they are going to help others mend their ways if they point out their failings! Not at all; on the contrary, you can only help others by bringing your attention to their divine nature.