A combustion; knowing how to conserve one’s energies

June 13th 2012
Life is a slow combustion. We must become aware of the fact that all physical effort, as well as all sensation, all feeling and all inner agitation, entails the combustion of numerous substances in us. Most people act as if their energies were inexhaustible, unaware that there is a limit to everything we have. When God’s creatures come to the earth, they are given a certain amount of energy, and if they are not reasonable, if they waste their reserves, it is too bad; they will not be given any more. Witness the fact that someone may only need a small drop of life to finish their work, yet it is not given them. So, be careful. If you have great plans to carry out, conserve your energy – the amount you have has been calculated and weighed. If you are not careful, once your reserves are exhausted there will be nothing more you can do – you will have to leave before being able to complete your task.