A soil we must till and sow

June 14th 2012
If we are not alive to begin with, science and philosophy will not be of much use to us. To be alive, we need proper nourishment on all levels. And yet, the knowledge students are given in universities does not nourish them. And so, symbolically speaking, they are unsteady on their legs and have an empty heart and blurred vision. At the school for initiates, on the other hand, students are well fed, and when they have become strong and robust, they are given a plough, shown how to till the soil and put to work. Of course, here too, the soil is a symbol; it is something we all have – our head. Those who know how to plough and sow good seeds in their own soil will eat their fill their whole life. The others will have only thistles, thorns and brambles growing, which as well as being useless will be harmful to them as well as everyone else.