Make us reach the top

June 17th 2012
If people are to grow, success is not always desirable. Obviously, if they are weak and puny, it is better if they do not meet too many obstacles on their path, because if they fail they will never get back on their feet. But if they are strong, failure will make them even stronger; adverse conditions and enemies will give them energy, be a kind of food for them, and one day they will become invincible. Unfortunately, there are not many people who continue bravely on their way despite obstacles and adversity: most are quickly discouraged, crushed. To be able to draw on strength in adversity, you have to already be in possession of great inner riches. Sometimes, heaven even sends trials to certain people because it knows their nature: it knows that to reach the top they need to have enormous difficulties to overcome. Whereas, others it has to treat gently, or else it would soon be the end of them. So heaven acts differently depending on the person, which is why it is difficult to give a firm opinion on what someone’s destiny will be. Often, their trials seem like obstacles imposed by heaven, when they are, on the contrary, good conditions that heaven has given them to enable them to climb to the top.