You benefit from their powers only if you work on yourself

June 19th 2012
The seven colours of the prism are considered by Initiatic Science to be an expression of divine virtues: violet corresponds to sacrifice, indigo to stability, blue to truth, green to hope, yellow to wisdom, orange to holiness, red to love. By concentrating on the different colours, you can acquire spiritual powers, but you will only really acquire them if you reinforce your concentration exercises with the practice of the corresponding virtues. Otherwise you will gain nothing; you will be like those who imagine they can become great magicians by engaging in a particular ritual or by using a particular practice to evoke spirits, without making any improvement in their way of living. The higher entities of the invisible world are not swayed by such attempts; the only creatures that appear to these people are from the lower levels – larvae and elementals. Do you wish to attract angels and archangels? It is your virtues that will enable you to do so. The heavenly entities will come only to those who are able to manifest true light, that is, purity, selflessness and self-sacrifice.