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Attract leaders that are like themselves

June 20th 2012
Of course, leaders are greatly responsible when it comes to making the people happy. But the people also have their part to play in attracting leaders who will ensure that justice, prosperity and peace will reign. This is the lesson contained in the following story. There was once a kingdom where only misfortunes happened – famines, epidemics, unrest… The king was worried, and not knowing what to do to remedy these calamities, which were also a threat to his power, he sent for a sage. And the sage said, ‘Your Majesty, you yourself are the cause of this situation. Your life is one of indolence and debauchery, and you are often harsh, unjust and cruel, and that is why disasters keep befalling your people.’ Then the sage appeared before the people and told them, ‘If you are suffering, it is because you deserve it. Do you yourselves live in a reasonable way? Are you honourable, fair and patient with one another? You are not, and so you have attracted a monarch who is like you.’ That is how sages explain things. When an entire nation chooses to live in the light, heaven sends them noble, honourable rulers, who bring them only blessings. But if they are governed by people who are unable to make good decisions, they should know it is mostly their own doing.