Image of coal becoming light

June 24th 2012
If you say the word ‘sacrifice’ you will see the faces of those around you immediately cloud over, because for most people the word is associated with the idea of hardship and suffering. For spiritual people, the reverse is true; it is associated with the idea of love, joy and beauty, because they know that by giving up certain things they like or that suit them, they will enjoy much greater satisfactions on a higher plane. Sacrifice implies the transformation of one kind of matter into another, of one energy into another. Sacrificing oneself is like being a piece of dead wood fed to the fire. Before going onto the fire, the piece of wood is dull and useless. But as soon as it is willing to be fed to the fire, it becomes fire, warmth, light and beauty. So, rid yourself of the thought that sacrifice is accompanied by suffering and hardship, because sacrifice will bring you out of the darkness to become light.