Must earn women’s regard

February 24th 2011
For hundreds and thousands of years, men have exercised authority over women, used force with them and controlled them… But now we see the situation being reversed: women are standing up for themselves. They no longer accept men’s domination; they want equal rights and, in some cases, are even ready to take their place. This is normal; it is the law of compensation. Men have gone too far, and instead of being models of honesty, kindness and fairness and earning women’s regard and admiration, they have abused their power, their physical superiority over women. They have given themselves all the rights, while they have merely imposed duties on women. How could they hope for this situation to persist? And yet, the truth is that women have a natural need to admire men, to recognize their authority, their strength. But if men do nothing to earn this, how can they keep women’s regard and admiration?