Answers from heaven

Preparing to receive them

July 6th 2012
If humans were willing to understand that the same phenomena are produced in their psychic body as in their physical, that in itself would be progress. They know that if they breathe polluted air or eat bad quality food they allow impurities into their body which it is unable to eliminate, and then exchanges with the forces of nature no longer take place properly. In the same way, if they do not watch their thoughts, feelings and actions, they allow impurities into their psychic body. These form a thick screen, which, of course, cuts off communication with the divine world. Those who complain, ‘I pray, asking heaven for help, but I never receive an answer’ should first accept that answer: the divine world is continually sending them messages, but they have to be ready to receive them. And becoming ready involves improving their way of life by working to purify their thoughts, feelings and actions.